G. J. Honour Family Butcher Recipes

  • Chicken Ham & Chorizo Pie

    A comforting dish that everyone will enjoy.

  • Thai Pulled Pork

    A delicious dish of Thai pulled pork with Asian slaw.
  • Rack of Lamb with a Peppercorn Crust

    Tender and juicy rack of lamb with a peppercorn crust and redcurrant sauce.
  • Parmesan Chicken

    Succulent chicken breast with  Parmesan cheese breadcrumbs and oven roasted tomato salad,  lower in calories and saturated fat than the classic recipe.
  • Pork Steaks with Apple, Orange and Ginger Sauce

    A very simple recipe to impress when you are entertaining or something simple and tasty to try when you are in need of comfort.
  • Simple pulled pork

    Now if pulled pork isn't delicious comfort food then we don't know what is.
  • Glazed chicken drumsticks

    This is an easy and tasty chicken recipe. Cook the glazed chicken drumsticks in the oven or barbecue.
  • Minced meat pasta

    Pasta with minced meat sauce is a one dish meal.
  • Chilli con carne

    Easy and filling, chilli con carne will become a family favourite.
  • Savoury Lamb Brugers

    Ground lamb mixed with spices and crumbled sheep´s milk cheese.
  • Lamb Kebabs & Herb Dip

    Lamb is a versatile meat and this recipe to prepare lamb shoulder in a simple and tasty way.
  • Meatloaf Recipes

    Meatloaf is an American classic; a comfort food for those who grew up on this favorite. It has earned its spot on the menus of American households because it is a simple and relatively economical main dish.