Family Butcher

  • Honour's Steak Guide

    People always come into the shop and ask what steak is good. In our opinion all steaks are good but you have to cook them well. Everyone has a different preference on how they like their steak so here is our guide on how to get the best out of a variety of steaks.
  • What To Do With Chicken Or Turkey Left Overs

    Add these ideas from World Food and Wine  to your recipe box, or use them as a starting point to come up with your own unique dishes. You will never grimace at the thought of left over poultry again.
  • Thai Chikcken Stir Fry

    All ingredients cut, prepared and seasoned Thai style. Just stir fry and serve.
  • Prepared Turkey Breast Before and After

    There is a selection of prepared meats in the shop or we can prepare a piece to your specifications. Meat ready for the oven with no effort whatso...
  • Popular Cuts of Beef

    A list of the most popular cuts of beef and the best way to cook them.
  • Oven Settings

    Roasting is one of the preferred methods for cooking meat and that involves a good knowledge of the cut and of the oven. Oven settings can be confusing between different scales. Find below the guidelines for the right oven temperatures.
  • Meat Tips 7

    Inspirational tips to handle and cook meat for July 2016.
  • Most Popular Lamb Cuts

    Lamb is a versatile meat. We give a list of the mos popular cuts
  • Meat Tips 6-16

    June is the month for eating outdoors, so we focus on food for dining "al fresco" and for picnics.
  • Meat Tips 5

    Boiling sausages reduces grease and fat. Dip bacon in water that is cold as it stops it from curling when frying. Do not overwork the meat when mak...
  • Meat

    Meat is the flesh of domestic, such beef, pork, or lamb; and wild animals such as deer or wild boar. Meat is usually muscle tissue with some fat and connective tissue.
  • Frying

    Who doesn't love a good steak or a crispy piece of chicken? How does the food get crunchy and crispy? Is there more than one way to fry? There are so many questions when it comes to the many different fried foods.