Value for Money

Value for Money

Meat is usually one of the most expensive food items on the shopping list so making sure you get value for money is worth it. Among other things, that means buying a cut of meat you can cook, something you can turn into a quality meal.

Turning your purchase into a quality meal depends as much on the way you cook it to the cut of meat you buy. We have already helped many of our customers to cook meat the right way and to try new things.

Be aware that cheaper cuts of meat are as nutritious as the more expensive ones, you just need to be careful cooking them to make sure you get the most out of them and we can give you advice on this.

Please, feel you can ask us anything about meat. Don't worry, we will never think you are asking a pointless question.

Trying to learn more about the products you are purchasing is actually a good thing. You will cook meat much better if you understand why some cuts are tender and others are tough, and which is the best way to cook each one.

We pass on cooking experience and tips to anyone willing to listen.

While our customers are trying to avoid buying poor quality produce, they don’t want to over spend. That is not a problem. If you are like them, you can make the most of our knowledge and skills, as they do, so don't hesitate to ask about the best buys.