The do's & the don'ts of meat buying online

The do's & the don'ts of meat buying online

    If you’re someone who wants to avoid shops and malls in this Covid influenced unsafe surroundings to go out like you used to, this article is for you, especially if one of the items you want to buy is meat.

     Your fear is valid. Is it okay to buy perishables like meat online? Is it safe? Let’s divulge into this question and find the answer.

     The answer is “Yes”. You can buy meat online but you should understand some important aspects of online buying of perishable items like meat before you hit the “order confirmed” button on the website or mobile application.

Below listed are the do's and dont's of buying meat online:

Choosing the right vendor/company

     The first and foremost thing to DO is to find the right vendor for meat delivery. The right vendor should be reliable, experienced and hahaveositive feedback from other consumers.

    You may easily search online for meat vendors or suppliers and find their websites for reading their reviews and look for certain elements like whether the customer talks about the value and quality of the product along with the time it takes to deliver. For example, you may go and check the website for G. J. Honour Family Butcher and read its testimonials.

Preparations / Packaging:

     The other thing you need to DO is to see the details of the packaging that the meat vendor uses. The packaging is really important for meat as it needs to be shipped cold and frozen. So an insulated box will do the trick with a vacuum seal.

Temperature Check:

     For a perishable item like meat, the temperature is of crucial importance. Animal meat can be easily thawed which results in quality loss and may lead to health issues if consumed. So what to DO? Make sure that the vendor uses controlled temperature when sending the packaged meat to your doorsteps.

   For achieving a certain (colder) temperature some items like gel packs, dry ice or ice packs are used. If the website doesn’t clarify this detail you can simply ask the vendor through provided email or contact number.

  Don’t touch dry ice with bare hands:

     In case the vendor uses dry ice you should be careful in handling it. Protective gloves or a towel may be a good idea so that you don’t touch the dry ice with bare hands; it may burn your skin if kept in touch for a longer period.

Don’t dispose of dry ice like the normal ice:

     To get rid of the dry ice safely, let the dry ice vaporise in an open area not easily accessed by babies or pets.

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