5 Most Popular Meat Cuts

5 Most Popular Meat Cuts

Festivities and food go hand in hand. No gathering is complete without a feast as food brings warmth and happiness to the table. Food that is rich in flavour and texture makes it worth a while.

You should know your meat cuts to prepare a delicious meal. Recipes like steak, pot roast, stews, or grilling need different cuts. You can go to a butcher meat shop in Woking for such valuable information. You can also save your precious time by ordering butcher meat online.

Below listed are the Top Five Beef Cuts:


1.      Rib cuts

It is the most palatable cut of beef. It is extracted from the rib portion of the animal. Rib cuts are distinguished for their tenderness, fatty marbling, and unique flavour. They are a little expensive than most parts. You can find different rib cuts like ribeye steak, ribeye roast, short ribs, ribeye filet, cowboy steak, and back ribs.

2.      Chuck

Anything categorised as “chuck” comes from the shoulder part of the cow. It is a big square cut known for its rich and beefy flavour. Usually, beef chuck is used for pot roasts, ground for hamburgers, or traded as stew meat. Sometimes, it is known as 7- bone steak. Chuck steak is cooked best when it takes long and slow, like cooking it in the oven.

3.      Brisket

Brisket is a cut that comes from the lower breast part of veal or beef. This piece of meat is quite tough because the area is well-exercised and consists of connective tissues. Brisket is best suited for slow cooking to tenderise it properly. You can make beef brisket pot roast or slow cooker beef brisket with BBQ sauce served with creamy scalloped potatoes.

4.      Shank

The leg portion of the ox is known as the shank. Due to the excessive movement of this muscle, the meat tends to be lean, tough, and dry. The beef shank is best cooked for long periods at low temperatures which will help in breaking down the muscle. It is a perfect cut to make Osso Buco or beef bourguignon.

5.      Loin

The loin is a rectangle shape covering two primal cuts: the sirloin, and the short loin. The tenderloin is situated underneath the ribs and next to the backbone. This area does very little exertion, so it is the most tender cut of meat. T-bone, Porterhouse, and club steaks are the best cuts of loin.

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