Why buy meat from a local butcher?

Why buy meat from a local butcher?

With the stresses and strains of modern family life it's all too easy to fall into the habit of ordering all of our groceries from the supermarket, including our meat, because it's so convenient.

However there are huge benefits to buying your meat from a local butcher which, with a little change in buying habits, you can enjoy.

Here are our top 3 reasons why it's still a great idea to buy meat from your local butcher:

Better quality & flavour

The meat you'll find at your local butcher will no doubt be higher quality than what you're buying from the supermarket. Reputable butchers have close relationships with their suppliers. They know exactly where the animals were born, bred and how they were raised and they'll be happy to tell you. And why does this matter? Because ultimately it makes the meat taste so much better.

Don’t get us wrong – you can definitely find cheaper meat at the supermarket. But when it comes to the quality of the product for the price, your local butcher will win every time.

You get exactly what you want

When buying from your local butcher, they'll have a much bigger selection of meat than what's available at the supermarket. From the types of meat e.g. offal and game, to the lesser known cuts of meat e.g. delicious bavette steak or sparerib of pork on the bone.

Looking for something specialist? Your local butcher will be able to source it for you, even if it's not in the window.

Or perhaps you want a specific quantity or weight for a recipe? No problem. Whether you're after one individual sausage or a 4.5kg roasting joint, your local butcher will be able to provide the exact portion you need. That means less food wastage, winner.

Expert knowledge & advice

When you buy meat from the supermarket, you'll normally pick it out of a chiller cabinet and take it to the till. Try asking the person stocking the cabinet or on the checkout about the best way to prepare the meat, or where it's from, and you're likely to get some funny looks!

For local butchers, this is what we do day in day out. We’re always happy to share the best ways to prepare and cook a certain cut of meat. Or recommend the right cut for your needs and help you fit within a budget. There's no need to be intimidated, most butchers are very approachable and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise. So ask away.


Depending on your local butcher, you might even find they offer the option to order online and get it delivered. Which is just as easy, if not even easier, than buying from the supermarket.

Here at G.J. Honour, we do just that and not only do we deliver to the good people of Surrey, we also deliver nationwide. So wherever you're based you can enjoy the benefits of a local family butcher service.

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