Tips for grilling the perfect steak

Tips for grilling the perfect steak

If you think grilling a steak is as easy as tossing a piece of meat from the market on a grill and turning it a few times, you're losing out on the greatest steak of your life.

Our grilling ideas will surely turn your entire cooking steak idea around. You can get meat delivered for your steaks from butcher delivery near me.

Here are some grilling ideas from our chef that will make your next steak dinner your best effort yet.

  1. Choose the appropriate cut of meat:

Some cuts of meat are better than others for grilling. Strip steaks are the favourite cut to cook because they have a perfect blend of fat and meat for a terrific flavour. Pan sear fillet mignon because it is so lean, and I can add fat and flavours in the pan. Experiment! Finally, no one can tell you what you enjoy; you must discover it for yourself.

  1. Choosing the Right Meat Quality:

 A poor steak can ruin a nice steak supper. A lot of places sell low-quality meat, so find a trustworthy provider to ensure you receive your money's worth. My personal favourite? All meats are required by law to be examined for wholesomeness so that no one sells you meat that will kill you, but grading is a voluntary system. Meats are rated based on numerous factors, including fat marbling and connective tissue content. Sure, it's edible, but do you want to eat it? The highest quality is prime, followed by choice and selection. Choice meats are high-quality steaks that are commonly utilized in restaurants.

  1. Season early:

You should flavour your meat even before you light the fire. If you sprinkle salt on it shortly before you put it on the grill, the salt will end up all over the grill, not on the steak. So, season your steaks for around fifteen minutes before grilling them. This allows the salt to absorb and uniformly flavour your meat. Sea salt is popular right now, and chefs like to dress up a dish with unique salts like Hawaiian Pink Salt or Fleur de Sel. A little decent salt is sometimes all that a steak requires.

  1. Don't even think of touching it:

 This is one of the most common errors made by home cooks. Everyone likes to keep checking to see whether the food is done. Allow it to be alone. Know how thick your steak is and how long it will take to grill. Flip it once and then turns it a quarter turn on either side. The more you touch it, the more likely you are to mess it up.

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