Tips For Choosing The Best Beef In A Butcher Shop

Tips For Choosing The Best Beef In A Butcher Shop

     Choosing quality beef in a butcher meat shop in Woking can be quite daunting, especially if you are used to purchasing the pre-packaged meat offered by your local grocer. While butchers are typically friendly and always willing to help you find the right cut of meat, sometimes they don’t have the time to explain too much during busy times or when you order butcher meat online and choose butcher deliveries in Woking.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some tips for choosing the best beef in a butcher shop:

Understand Quality Indicators- when you are shopping for quality beef, it is important to check its temperature, moisture, colour, and marbling. If the meat is soft, but very cold, it may have come out of freezer recently. If the meat is watery, it could be thawing after being completely frozen, which makes it drier when cooked. Make sure the meat has good marbling for its grade and price range.

Choose The Right Cuts- whether you want to make burger, stew, or steak, it is important to choose the right cut. If you want to make regular steaks, make sure that the meat is cut against the grains. It is a simple way to make just about any steak tender and juicy. For burger, choose cuts with enough fat, so you will get juicier burgers. For stew, you can choose lower grades of beef, which is cut in small cubes.

Tell The Butcher About Your Needs- it is important to research the dish you plan to make before heading to the butcher shop. Tell the butcher about it and it’s a great starting point to choosing the best cut for your dish. Explain whether you need beef, pork, lamb, or poultry and tell the butcher about the cooking method you choose, such as pan searing, grilling, roasting, braising or sous vide. Make flavour and tenderness your top priorities. The butcher will recommend the best cut for your dish.

Understand The Terms- if you visit your butcher meat shop in Woking regularly, it is important to learn the terms butchers use. Communicating with them will be a breeze if you understand at least some of the basic terms. Trim means that you want the butcher to remove excess fat and debone means that you want the bones removed. Cube means you want to cut meat into cubes, which are suitable for making stews. Trussing means tying chicken with a twine, so its legs and wings will remain close to the body. Spatchcock means removing the backbone of chicken, so it is easy to open out and flatten. This helps in cooking chicken faster when braising or grilling.

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