The Importance Of Having A Good Relationship With Your Local Butcher

     If you are a regular meat eater, it is important to maintain a good relationship with a local butcher meat shop in Guildford. It will be much easier to get what you want as well as some helpful cooking tips and some advice on how to make your budget go farther. Creating a relationship with a shop that offers butcher deliveries in Guildford is easy, it starts with knowing how to communicate your needs properly.

There are two stages to an effective customer relationship with your local butcher market in Guildford and we are going to take a look at them now:

New Visitor- When you first entering a butcher shop, it is easy to experience a sensory overload. The scent of meat is unique and you’ll see meat, offal, bones, sauces, and other products stacked everywhere. It is common for the butcher to ask what you want to cook tonight and he will recommend you the most suitable cuts. Show interest in different cuts, including the less familiar ones, and ask the butcher for recommendations on how to cook those cuts. Butchers appreciate customers who are eager to learn more. If you ask butcher for affordable options, the butcher may recommend boneless chicken thighs or ground lamb. During your first visit, avoid busy hours, so you can speak with the butcher longer. 

Regular- if you are a regular visitor, the butcher typically already knows what you order. If you have special requests, you can give the butcher a call and pick up your order later. This will help reduce wait time, especially during a weekend rush. Most butchers are always willing to help customers get unusual items, such unique sausages, Porchetta, or shabu-shabu cuts. If you have an anniversary or birthday party that you are cooking for, tell the butcher about these events and ask him for a recommendation. It is a good idea to bring family members along and this will make the butcher shop a social spot. If you regularly visit a local butcher, it is likely to meet friends or neighbours. Through ongoing interactions, you will feel more convenient visiting the local butcher, because you will find familiar faces.

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