The Best Steaks For The Grill

The Best Steaks For The Grill

To make the best of your summer BBQ, you must choose the best cut of beef before preparing and firing up the grill. The best steaks for the grill come only from the best cuts and that means finding the best butcher market in Guildford. And whether you order your butcher meat online or you choose butcher deliveries in Guildford, choosing the best cuts will ensure the tenderest, juiciest steaks.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the best steaks for the grill:

Skirt Steak- skirt steak is very flavourful when grilled, although it’s surrounded by chewy connective tissues and have thicker grain. It comes from the inner side of the abdominal cavity and chest of cattle. For best results, your grill must be hot, so you can cook the meat medium rare very quickly. Slice skirt steak against the grain and it can be served as is or in fajitas.

Top Sirloin Steaks- if you want to get a good compromise between tenderness, flavour, and low cost, top sirloin steaks are an ideal choice. It’s part of the sirloin prime cut, specifically from the hip bone to the lower back. Compared to the short loin, it is less tender, but still good enough for grilling. Avoid overcooking top sirloin because it will become tough and dry if cooked past medium.

Porterhouse Steaks- at any good steakhouse, porterhouse steaks are expensive, but you can grill them at home cheaply. It is the rump end of the short loin and you should grill porterhouse steaks medium-rare. Grill a 1.5-inch thick porterhouse steak for about 10 minutes and turn it just after the halfway point.

Tenderloin Steaks- tenderloin steaks are among the most tender cuts. The pencil-shaped tenderloin is taken from inside the short loin, where it doesn’t get involved in any heavy lifting. Tenderloin typically isn’t as flavourful as other cuts.

Strip Steaks- also known as top loin, loin, Kansas City strip or New York strip, the strip steak is only slightly less tender than ribeye, but it packs an intense flavour when grilled. When choosing strip steaks, you should consider factors like marbling, grading, and aging. A less common bone-in version, known as a club steak, is also great for grilling.

Ribeye Steaks- ribeye is often considered the finest steak for grilling with its intense beefy flavour and amazing tenderness. Whether you choose the bone-in or boneless version, it’s a perfect candidate for your grill. The recommended levels of doneness for a ribeye are medium rare, and medium, depending on your personal preferences. Grill over medium-high heat.

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