The Benefits Of Marinating Meat

     Often times, when having a summertime BBQ with friends, someone will ask the cook what type of marinade they are using. And, if you are well-versed in your grilling skills, you will be able to tell them what type of marinade it is and what ingredients you used to make it. But what happens when someone asks why you used a marinade? Our first response is that it adds flavour, but beyond that, most people don’t really know what a marinade’s role is in cooking a perfectly tender and juicy cut of meat.

      There are many benefits and advantages that we gain by using a marinade and adding flavour is just the beginning. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the benefits and advantages of using a marinade. If you are ever in doubt of the type of marinade to use or the specific cut of meat to buy, be sure to ask your butcher meat shop in Woking or butcher meat shop in Guildford.

Benefits Of Marinating Meat

Taste/Flavour- unless you purchase a premium cut of beef from your favourite butcher shop online ordering site, chances are that it won’t be very flavourful on its own. This is where a marinade can make a real difference in the taste of your food. With just a few ingredients from your pantry, you can add a significant boost of flavour to any cut of beef.

Texture- tougher cuts of beef will be much easier to eat and can melt in your mouth with the right marinade. Marinades can soften leaner meats that tend to be dry and they can make tougher cuts tastier.

Moisture/Tenderness- marinating is one of the easiest ways to introduce extra moisture into meat. Certain cuts of meat tend to dry out when cooking and a marinade can help prevent that, making your steak, chicken, or chops tender and juicier.  that can get too dry when cooked, as well as making what you marinate more tender.

Healthier- using marinades when grilling steak, chicken, or seafood can help reduce the carcinogenic compounds that are introduced from high heat grilling and broiling. Another benefit of making your own marinade is that you can control what you put in it. Most marinades include the same basic ingredients which are fat, salt, acid, enzymes, seasonings, herbs, and sugar.

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