Popular Cuts of Beef

Bavette – Fry or grill. It is tender when rare but it becomes tough if overcooked.

Brisket – Boil, stew.

Chateaubriand – Roast, grill.

Cheek – Braise, stew, mince.

Chuck – Braise, pot roast, stew.

Fillet – Fry as steak, roast larger pieces.

Fillet mignon – Fry.

Mince – Burgers, cottage pie, meat sauce for pasta, meatballs, terrines.

Ox tail – Boil in soups, slow cook, braise, stew.

Porterhouse steak – Grill, fry, barbecue, roast.

Ribeye steak – Fry, grill, barbecue.

Rump steak – Fry, grill, barbecue as steak; braise or stew when diced; pot roast or slow cook larger pieces.

Shin – Braise, slow cook.

Sirloin – Roast whole pieces, fry steaks.

Short ribs (Jacob’s ladder) – Braise, slow roast.

Spare ribs – Barbecue.

T-bone steak –Grill, fry, barbecue.

Topside – Slow roast, pot roast.

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