How Much Protein Is There In Various Meats?

    Protein is made of various amino acids and it is an essential macronutrient for our body. Protein is important to rebuild muscles, create antibodies, and generate energy. Our body needs 20 types of amino acids and it can’t synthesise nine of them. This means that we rely on the food that we eat to get these essential amino acids and one of the best sources of protein is meat. High quality meat, like what you will find at your local butcher meat shop in Woking, provide our bodies with the protein we need to stay strong and healthy. The next time you need a boost of protein in your diet, be sure to order butcher deliveries in Woking and get ready to fire up your grill.

So, just how much protein is in beef, chicken, and pork? To answer that, we are going to share some helpful information:

Beef Steak (25.1 Grams Of Protein Per 110 Grams)- after chicken, it’s the most common source of protein. Flavour, tenderness, and fat content of beef steaks depend on the cut. For tougher cuts, medium rare is the recommended level of doneness.

Elk Steak (26 Grams Of Protein Per 110 Grams)- elk steak is juicy and tender, offering similar amounts of calories and less fat compared to beef. Grill it slightly faster than beef to get the best results.

Chicken Breast (23.6 Grams Of Protein Per 110 Grams)- it is the most popular high-protein meat, due to good availability, very low cost, and low-fat content. You can use it to make healthy sandwiches with whole-grain bread and veggies. Other alternatives are pan-seared chicken breast and stew.

Turkey Breast (26.7 Grams Of Protein Per 110 Grams)- turkey breast is the best option for protein-dense meat. With its low-fat content, turkey breast is also a very healthy option. It is a versatile type of meat and use it as perfect replacement for chicken breast. You can make salads or sandwiches with turkey breast.

Ground Bison (24.5 Grams Of Protein Per 110 Grams)- compared to beef, bison burger contains half the fat and it has more iron. It’s a great alternative for dieters who want some low-fat burgers.

Bison Steak (26.4 Grams Of Protein Per 110 Grams)- compared to its cattle cousins, bison offers lower fat and less calories. You can treat bison and beef steaks similarly. Grill it or sear with cast-iron skillet.

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