Most Popular Lamb Cuts

Lamb is a versatile meat. We give a list of the mos popular cuts.

Neck Cuts

Scrag end - Pot roast.
Mince - Pan fry.
Neck chop - Braise or grill.

Best End of Neck Cuts

Rack of lamb - Roast.
Rib chop - Grill.
Cutlet - Grill.

Shoulder Cuts

Whole or half shoulder - Roast.
Rolled shoulder - Roast.

Loin Cuts

Loin chop - Grill or braise.
Medallion - Roast.
Rolled loin - Roast.
Noisettes - Pan fry.

Chump Cuts

Chops - Grill or braise..
Joint - Roast.
Steaks - Pain fry or braise.

Breast Cuts

Breast joint - Braise or roast.
Bread riblets - Braise or post roast.

Leg Cuts

Whole or half leg - Roast.
Leg steaks - Grill.
Rolled leg - Roast.
Butterfly - Roast.
Shank - Pot roast.

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