Meat Tips 7

Do not put cold bacon into a hot pan. Put the bacon in before and that way the bacon grease releases more slowly, adding flavour.

Heat oven to 210º C and start roasting lamb at 210º C for 5 minutes before setting temperature to 170º C for the rest of the cooking time, ensuring a soft inside with a good sear round the outside.

A leg of lamb is naturally tender so there is no need for marinade to soften it up. Just add a few of your favourite spices and herbe and let the roast rest for 20 minutes after it is done to soak up all the juices. Resting the meat improves the roast. although most people do not bother to do it or they are just impatient.

Let your rump steak warm to room temperature before cooking so it is not cool in the middle when cooking. This will yield a more tender and juicier steak, especially when grilling or frying.

When you have removed the steak from the pan, add a little white wine, or water, and a drop of oil to the pan. Mix around in the pan to create a steak sauce. To make the sauce even better, fry 1-2 cloves of gralic, sliced, in the same pan, and then add the white wine.

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