Meat Tips 5

Boiling sausages reduces grease and fat.

Dip bacon in water that is cold as it stops it from curling when frying.

Do not overwork the meat when making meatballs as it makes the meat overly tough.

For poultry, before cooking, soak the whole poultry for several hours in salt water to make it juicy and succulent once cooked.

For chicken breasts with moisture, sear one side then flip them and cover the pan with a lid for the remaining cooking time.

For lamb, keep it flavourful with the bone on.

Meat moisture is kept inside if after cooking you rest it.

Put your thumb and index finger together. Then touch the soft bit of your hand just underneath your thumb. Do this with each finger until your little finger and that’s how a steak should feel from rare to well done.

Sear rapidly in high heat to get the tastiest treat from your meat. Sear meat on high heat and cook it through on a lower heat.

Three tips for a barbecue: Marinade everything, try using wood instead of charcoal and wait until the flames die down to cook.

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