Meat is the flesh of domestic, such beef, pork, or lamb; and wild animals such as deer or wild boar. Meat is usually muscle tissue with some fat and connective tissue.

Meat is available all seasons thanks to advanced methods of cold storage. Before modern storage methods, local beef would have been more plentiful in the autumn, pork in the winter, and lamb in the spring.

Meat is usually the main course on any meal. We probably spend more time cooking meat than any other food. And we can cook meat much better if we understand why some cuts are tender and others are tough, which is the best way to cook each one.

There are cuts on the bone and some boneless. Estimate 100-150g of boneless meat per person and 200-250g of meat on the bone.

Work out in advance how many people you are going to feed and how long you are going to spend in preparation and cooking. Be aware that cheaper cuts of meat are as nutritious as the more expensive ones; they just need careful cooking to make them tender.

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