Cheaper Cuts Of Meat To Try Without Compromising On Taste


Everyone is undergoing financial strain. Cutting down costs is on top of everybody's mind. The grocery list is one of the easiest ways of cutting down these costs. Needless to say, meat consumption occupies a significant portion of the grocery. One way to curb this cost is to opt for cheap cuts of meat from a butcher. You can even opt for larger cuts as well!

Cheap prices do not necessarily mean bad in terms of flavour, for instance. All it requires is the proper handling of the same. There are many ways you can have cheap meats. This will include items like:

The Whole Chicken

People love chicken as it makes a perfect cookout alternative. It offers great ease in preparing and is regarded to be versatile. There are several ways in which you can make it into an inexpensive proposition. For example, you can avoid having them in pre-cut pieces such as:

  • Boneless chicken.
  • A prepared version.

Think intelligently; is chicken the cheapest meat? Make a smart move to save money. For example, with some practice, you will be able to cut up the whole chicken all by yourself. Once done, assemble the pieces, put them on a grill in medium fire, and keep brushing a little barbecue sauce. You are completely ready to experience a wonderful meal!


Well, almost everyone relishes sizzling this amazing food on their grill. Depending on your choices and preferences, you can opt for the more popular choice of burger patty. You can even go about adding a cheesy touch to it. The best part – you accomplish all these without spending a fortune!

Lamb Breast

The presence of a lamb adds a unique dimension to your cookout ordeal. Most people like to go for the classic feast favourites such as:

  • The rack of lamb.
  • The loin and.
  • The leg.

In case you wish to explore a budget lamb, give the breast a try! Fortunately, they do come with bones and ribs attached. The same ribs are also available separately as riblets or spareribs. You may opt for butcher shop online ordering. There are butcher deliveries in Woking and butcher deliveries in Guildford.

Chicken Drumsticks and Thighs

If grilling the pre-cut portions is on top of your mind, chicken drumsticks and thighs will suffice the need. Apart from being cheaper than breasts, they do offer other advantages as well. For example, they remain more moist and tender. Are you looking for something more flavorful? Choose the dark meat. The bone present deserves a special mention. It aids in preventing the said meat from getting dry if cooked on the coals.

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