All you need to know about Curing meats

All you need to know about Curing meats

Freshly cut meat is all for wins but it is something about cured, aged meat that screams flavour. Curing meat can be a very tedious and confusing task, therefore cured meat is up for grabs. Visit any butcher market in Guildford and get both cured and fresh meat. In this blog, we will tell you how meat is cured and how does it affect its taste

Read below for procedures used to cure meat:

  1. Salting

Adding salt to meat inhibits bacterial growth by plasmolysis. The microbe is dehydrated due to heavy amounts of salt on the meat. This can be done either in the form of brine or corning which is dry salting. This an archaic method of preserving meat and is all-natural 

  1. Nitrate Curing

Nitrates are also used to cure meat and prove to be beneficial against salmonella and clostridium. Generic salt curing does not completely ensure microbe-free meat therefore nitrate curing is adopted.

  1. Premade curing mixes

If you're preserving meat at home, you do not need to  employ large curing methods. Simple pre-made curing mixes will get your work done. These curing mixes have additional flavors as well.

  1. Combination curing

Some other curing techniques have alcohol and citric products predominantly. Vinegar is another prime ingredient in meat preservation. Sufficient amounts of these chemicals can help the meat cure. 


When it comes to cured meat flavours, the following are the most common ones and most relished.

  1. Salt

Most of the meat-curing is done with brine or salt rubs, therefore cured meats usually have a very salty taste to them.

  1. Sugar

Sugar is usually added to reduce the harsh flavour of the cured meat. It is used in small amounts but helps a great deal to make the salty meat bearable. Flavour-producing bacteria also take advantage of this added sugar and feed on it.

  1. Spicy

Most curing mixtures have additional spices added to them. Cured meats have a distinct spicy taste to them which comes from either additional spice mixtures or curing mixtures on their own.

  1. Smoked

The distinct smoked flavour in some cured meats comes from smoking. There are a variety of different techniques of smoking and taste varies accordingly.

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