Christmas Brochure

Appledore Turkeys

In a quiet corner of South-East England some of the UK’s finest turkeys are reared on the Wreathall family farm. The traditional farmyard free range bronze feathered turkeys live a long and healthy life, fed only on a simple diet of wheat and vegetable proteins – free from additives, drugs or growth promoters. After roaming the grassy paddocks during the day they are bedded down overnight on the farm’s home-grown wheat straw. This freedom to roam means the turkeys develop a distinctive succulent taste and texture. In 2016 all Appledore Turkeys won at least one gold star in the Great Awards with their Free Range Bronze winning a coveted two gold stars.

Whole Turkey Sizes

4.5 kg
5-7 portions
5 kg
6-8 portions
5.5 kg
7-9 portions
6 kg
8-10 portions
6.5 kg
9-11 portions
7 kg
10-12 portions
7.5 kg
11-13 portions
8 kg
12-14 portions
8.5 kg
13-15 portions
9 kg
14-16 portions
9.5 kg
15-17 portions
10 kg
18-20 portion

Free Range Broze are £16.99 per kg

**The weight received may differ by up to 10% more or less of the weight ordered**

Turkey Crowns

(Turkey Breast on the Bone no leg meat)

Our turkey crowns are Bronze Free Range. The weights range from 3kg to 6 kg and can cater for 4-12 people

Free Range Bronze

sold at a unit price as detailed below.

3.000kg to 3.999kg £91.50

4.000kg to 4.999kg £108.50

5.000kg to 5.999kg £125.00

6.000kg to 6.999kg £141.50

Turkey Breast Roasts

(Boneless easy to carve)

Our turkey breast roasts are becoming more and more popular. Easy to carve, they can fit in the oven with the rest of your Christmas dinner and there is no bone to deal with.

We produce these to fit the number of people you are catering for and can make them small enough for just two people. You can have yours stuffed with sage and onion Stuffing. All joints are topped with Bacon and Bay leaves.

**On request we can even add some leg meat**

Plain Joints are £18.99 per kg and stuffed joints are £17.50 per kg



Ham roast for Christmas.

TS Bloor & Sons Kettle Hams are a Christmas favourite. They have been using their traditional dry curing methods since 1906. This is the fourth year running we have used their hams.

Traditional Ham Joint - Traditionally cured ham a really family favourite
£17.25 per kg (boneless)

Honey Roasted Ham - Traditionally cured ham basted with honey for extra sweetness
£19.50 per kg (boneless)


Gammon joint.


(Raw – Ready to cook)

Gammon Joints
£11.30 per kg (boneless)

Smoked Gammon Joints
£12.10 per kg (boneless)



High Welfare & Free Range Chickens

Roasted high welfare chicken.

Suffolk Whites
1.3kg – 2.4kg
£7.60 per kg

Suffolk Whites
2.5kg – 3.2kg
£12.10 per kg

Suffolk Whites
3.2kg – 3.7kg
£13.45 per kg

Suffolk Whites
£16.35 per kg

Free Range Whites
1.6kg – 2.7kg
£11.50 per kg

Free Range Whites
2.7kg – 3.6kg
£13.45 per kg


The Diaper Family have been producing chicken in Stowmarket Suffolk since 1911. All of their chickens are raised to the highest standards are then dry plucked, finished and game hung which results in an exceptional flavour. These award winning chickens really are the bees knees!

Showcasing our tradition for sourcing exceptional quality produce we are proud to offer Creedy Carver Free Range poultry. Creedy Carver poultry is proudly served within numerous Michelin starred restaurants throughout the British Isles. Situated in the beautiful Devonshire countryside, Merrifield farm is located about seven miles from Exeter. Peter and Sue have worked the 82 acre farm for over twenty years and have achieved an industry revered reputation as specialist producers that maintaining a compassionate approach to additive-free poultry production.


Roast geese.

Free Range Appledore Geese

Appledore Geese are grown free range on farms in Kent, from early summer until autumn, where they graze the grass as well as eat a mix of wheat


Sold at a unit price as detailed below

4.000kg to 4.999kg £105.00

5.000kg to 5.999kg £121.60

6.000kg to 6.999kg £138.50


Surrey Farm 28 Day Aged Beef

Aged beef.

We produce the finest beef in Surrey specially selected by our partners Surrey Farm to meet our high standards. The cattle have grazed on natural pasture grass, which ensure the animals have had a healthy lifestyle and give’s the meat excellent marbling which enhances the flavour. All our beef is matured for a minimum of 28 days to ensure you have a great eating experience.

Rib on the Bone (Carvery Trimmed)
£24.50 per kg
Fillet of Beef (Carvery Trimmed)
£55.50 per kg
Rolled Sirloin
£37.85 per kg
£18.25 per kg
Corner Cut Topside
£18.75 per kg
Made to Order Beef Wellington
£47.10 per kg



Free Range Pork


Free range pork roast.

Boned & Rolled Loin of Pork - £13.95 per kg

Loin of Pork on the Bone - £11.80 per kg

Boned & Rolled Leg of Pork - £10.90 per kg

Leg of Pork on the Bone - £8.25 per kg

Boned & Rolled Shoulder of Pork - £10.90 per kg

Shoulder of Pork on the Bone - £8.30 per kg


The pigs are born outside and spend their entire lives outdoors in the fresh air, with freedom to roam in large paddocks, rooting around in sandy soil and playing with their peers.


Sausages – Pigs in Blankets – Stuffing

All of our sausages are made in house along with our pigs in blankets and stuffing

Pigs in blankets.

Pigs in Blankets - pork chipolatas wrapped in Whiltshire cured streaky bacon
£6.95 per pack of 10

Pork Sausage Meat
£5.65 per pack (500g tube)

Pork Cranberry & Port Stuffing Balls
£7.50 per pack of 10



Free Range Creedy Carver Duck


Duck Sizes

Small: 2kg – 2.5kg

Large: 2.5kg -3kg

Duck - £11.85 per kg


The Creedy Carver duck is a unique breed that first came about when the small but flavourful wild Mallard was crossed with the larger Pekin duck giving a meaty, succulent duck with more breast meat, less fat and a rich gamey flavour.


Wild Game

Wild game.

Why not try something completely different for Christmas? Our selection of wild game is extensive from Venison to Pheasant and everything in between. Speak to one of our butchers about your requirements.


Three Bird Roast

Three bird roast.

Turkey breast stuffed with guinea fowl breast and duck breast with our stuffing between each layer. This is an easy to carve joint and will feed between 10-15 people.

Three Bird Roast - £21.50 per kg


Please place your Christmas order with us by the 1st December to guarantee that you receive exactly what you require. If you have any questions about your order please don’t hesitate to ask.